Today it´s very common to lease your car and other products. Owning something is more and more replaced by leasing/renting the products and services needed.

We at Amplio are convinced that our solution for packaging your products and services and then let your end customers renting them is the future. As a product- and solution provider you get closer and more regular contact with your customer and get the opportunity to meet all needs. As an end customer, on the other hand, you are safe in case of something breaks, you can have your service contract and maintenance connected to the product over time and it will be maintained and repaired if needed. To pay a little extra each month and know that someone else is taking care of me and my product is worth a lot.

Think about the possibilities, someone who annually prepares and serves your robotic lawnmower, who stores it for the winter and then delivers it again when spring comes. Not having to think and be able to focus on the things that you think are important. That’s our solutions! Everyday luxury for end customers and closer customer contact and a safer source of income for retailers. The possibilities for our rental solutions are endless.